Biofield Tuning

I’ve know Chris for a long time and he has always been one of my favorite people. He is a very talented professional chef as well as a renaissance man with many interests and accomplishments. When we re-connected recently I was fascinated by his latest interest and current line of work: ‘Biofield Tuning’ or ‘Targeted Vibrational Sound Therapy’ if you will. My dog (and my best bud) Pistol has been very sick and I’ve been nursing him back to health. Chris felt my(and Pistol’s ) pain and offered to give him a couple of treatments. It had an immediate and very positive healing effect – he is on the mend and I’m sure all the Hill Top frogs are rejoicing in their hybernative states as they all enjoy tormenting him in the warmer months. It is quite funny to watch the nightly dog meets frog drama unfold. Thank you Chris!

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