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About Johnny Nicholas

Time is a river and you can never step in the same river twice. It’s all gonna change, but what came before shapes what comes after. There are certain people who seem to be in both places at once.

Johnny Nicholas has played music and rambled with some of the most original and artistically powerful individuals of the American 20th century.

just to name a few…..

Big Walter Horton, Mississippi Fred Macdowell, Koko Taylor, Jimmie Vaughan, Nathan Abshire, Houston Stackhouse, Carol Fran, Lightnin Slim, Roosevelt Sykes, Arthur ‘big boy’ Crudup, BB King, Bonnie Rait, S.P. Leary, Marcia Ball, Lazy Lester, Snooky Pryor, Robert jr. Lockwood and Johnny Shines.

music, myths, trains and rivers.

they’re all a journey.

in the individual sense and in the greater continuum.

Johnny’s live performances and the music on his nine solo albums attest to this journey along these age old paths. there’s no way that they couldn’t be with the life that he’s led and the people he’s known.

As I said, there are people who seem to be able to stand in two places at once. Where they are now and where it all began. Destroy the illusion of time and live in the truths that spoke to you as a child. the sounds of the summer night, the train whistle and the open tuned guitar. surely you are there at least as much as you are here.

Johnny will take you there every time he takes the stage.

“My friend Johnny Nicholas writes and sings from way down inside, and plays every instrument with grit and grace. His talent is deep and wide, like his soul and his heart. And he has some songs that slay me. Just slay me.”

– Walt Wilkins 2016 –

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“Johnny learned from some of the same guys I did
and he sings and plays the real down home blues!”

– BB KING, 1976 –

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“Guitar Johnny Nicholas is a bad mother______!”

– Jimmie Vaughan –

Mistaken Identity

Now Available

Although the artistic career of former Asleep at the Wheel frontman Johnny Nicholas’ is well documented, his connection with South Louisiana music and culture and the influence it had on his storied musical career is not as well known. We’re happy to be a part of helping tell this story.

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“Johnny Nicholas is one of the best bluesmen ever, black or white.”

– Stephen Bruton –


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