Introducing Jileen and Richard Russell of Pu’U O Kumau Ranch 

I’m very pleased to introduce Jileen and Richard Russell of Puu o Kumau Ranch in North Kohala, near Hawi on the (Big) Island of Hawaii, where they own and operate a beautiful ranch dedicated to raising grass fed cattle who get to graze on lush native grass and rain water, all on land that they sustain with a dedication to environmentalism and natural sustainability.  Their approach to  ranching  is mirrored in the initiatives and programs funded by the Russell Family Foundation, a large non-profit based in Seattle dedicated to environment and community.

In addition to all this, Richard and Jileen have a passion for the arts and in particular music. Richard is an accomplished guitarist who performs regularly at their beautiful ‘Kumau Barn’ where they hosted our recent show with Hell Bent and the Dragon Jazz Band.

I am proud to acknowledge and thank these wonderful folks  as well as our amazing hosts in Honoka’a, Dave and Sherry Pettus and Jim and Teri Sugg who are also good friends with Richard and Jileen. True community is a beautiful thing!



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