Juneteenth – Always a Day of Celebration

It’s Juneteenth—always a day of celebration in Texas and soon to be a national holiday(about time) across our great nation.

In these troubled times, I find tremendous comfort in meditating upon the example set forth by Dr Martin Luther King Jr and in his inspirational words and deeds. I encourage all of you to take some time today and read these words by the great Dr King—a true American icon, hero and inspiration to and for all people of all races.

We need to ramp back the inflammatory rhetoric and work diligently towards peaceful reconciliation of the issues in this country that need to be fixed, and there are many. The goals and hopes and dreams of the vast majority of Americans are the same. We can only achieve those goals by engaging in respectful civil discourse, peaceful demonstration and honoring the rule of law.

I watched with great sadness and concern the disturbing video of a statue of George Washington being toppled last night in Portland. The people responsible for this act then placed an American flag on top of the statue and burned it. If we are ignorant of and ignore or destroy history we are doomed to repeat it.

This is a great country. Respect our flag and all of the wonderful men and women who serve us in our military and law enforcement. Nobody dislikes a bad cop more than I do. Nobody dislikes a bad cop more than a good cop. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater! Support the good guys and work to weed out the bad ones(that includes politicians and bureaucrats). We do that by working within our own communities to help those in need and set a good example by doing good things for others. We do that by educating ourselves and pushing back on those who promote and disseminate discord and division. Love, tolerance and kindness are contagious, unfortunately so are hatred and bigotry. Urge people to register to vote and educate themselves on all the issues at hand. Most important, dial out the news media and the rabble-rousers and think for yourself!

We must be unified and stop playing politics—it’s exactly what the establishment wants:
to divide and conquer-they are doing a good job of it so long as we the people allow it to happen.

God bless you all on this Juneteenth and God bless America! Turn off the television and listen to some music today. Listen to this song by the great Percy Mayfield—it’s one of my favorites. And again, I encourage you to spend some time with Dr King and his inspirational message today and always.

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