Johnny Nicholas Heads to Hawaii

January 20th, 2020

I’m headed overseas today to beautiful Hawaii! Visiting the Aloha State is always gratifying and rewarding both artistically and aesthetically. We can’t wait to get there with our many friends and the amazing young students whom we mentor and partner with at Honoka’a High School! We’ll be performing at our favorite venues including the Hilo Palace Theater, Gertrude’s Jazz Bar and the Blue Dragon Tavern, as well as several spectacular house concerts. While in Hawaii, we’ll have the pleasure of working with the talented students of the Honoka’a High School Dragon Jazz Band. These kids are incredible and it is such a joy to help the younger generation cultivate a love of jazz and blues. This tour, as always, will benefit the Honoka’a High School program, especially their jazz band students who will be joining us on stage for the entire tour. For some information about the band and individual stories from the kids we worked with last year, click here.

Johnny Nicholas

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