Congratulations to Weird Al Yankovic!


Dear friends,

The Grammy nomination of my Too Many Bad Habits limited edition box set package has been quite a thrilling and whirlwind experience winding up with this past weekend’s festivities here in LA. This has been an amazing weekend of music and festivities.

Sadly, we did not win the Grammy, it went to Weird Al Yankovic and his graphics team of Meghan Foley and Annie Stoll. I want to congratulate them for their win as they too had a great package and I have always been a fan of Weird Al, his music and his schtick. Meghan and Annie are also extremely talented ladies and very nice people whom I had the pleasure of meeting.

My heartfelt thanks and eternal gratefulness go out to my good friends and two of the most beautiful, talented and dedicated ladies in the universe (hyperbole intended and deserved)-Sarah and Shauna Dodds of Backstage Design Studio! Sarah and Shauna created “one for the ages” with this project. All who see it are blown away, as it delivers on so many levels with the music, the design, the content and all the elements that are a part of this incredible musical and historical project and package. To you my dear friends, I thank you again for all your creative gifts and hard work and making this past weekend memorable to say the least!

I’m playing here tonight with Grammy nominee and another good friend, the amazing Theresa James and her band at the Baked Potato in Universal City.

See you back in Texas!!!

Keep it real and fun at all times!

–Johnny Nicholas

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