Fun Facts About Frogs

Hello there my frog loving friends and all lovers of uninhibited creative expression via art and music!
The entire frog community of the world are aware of their biological and spiritual importance in the grand scheme of life and environment. They are canaries in the coal mine  and understand the importance of life, liberty and the pursuit of insects in a clean and non toxic environment.
By the same token, we humans need breathe actual and spiritual fresh air via our inalienable God given rights That which God has given us can not be taken away by humans or the government. Freedom of expression, liberty and the pursuit of happiness essential in order to keep our souls healthy and immune from being poisoned by intolerance, hatred and censorship. Here are two websites which will inspire you and help support the ongoing fight against tyranny and oppression as well as suppression. I hope you will enjoy them and support those who are speaking out on all of our behalf.”
Academic Freedom Alliance

Alliance Defending Freedom:

Now here’s something to make you smile (and increase your reptilian knowledge)!
Fun facts about frogs:

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